Treatment Information

Suitable fo | Tightening and improving skin quality in any area of the body. 

Treatment longevity | 6-12 months

Downtime | 2-5 days

Time | 30-45mins

*Unable to treat whilst pregnant or breastfeeding

PDO Threads

What is it?

PDO threads are minimally invasive tiny collagen stimulating threads that are placed superficially in the dermis to promote skin tightening and firming by increasing production of collagen and elastin.


Treatment Areas

  • Smile lines | lip lines | marionettes | crows' feet | under eyes | frown lines $400
  • Cheeks | jawline | double chin | neck $600
  • Nasolabial folds from $400
  • Peri oral region from $400
  • Lower cheek from $600
  • Double chin from $600
  • Eyebrow lift from $400
  • Neck lift from $900
  • Half face from $1000

Note: Proper pricing for each treatment will be given on consultation depending on dosage required and area treated, results and dosages are different for every patient.