Cosmelan peel

Cosmelan is the most powerful skin lightening therapy available when compared to other depigmentation treatments currently possible on the market. A peel system which gives up to 95% reduction with the world’s leading and most effective treatment for pigmentation caused by melanin.

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel works to brighten the complexion, even skin tone and to improve the appearance of spots, blemishes and wrinkles, firming the skin and making it appear brighter. 

The cosmelan peel system contains a take home kit which maintains and prolongs results.


Step one- In clinic peel which is applied and left on for 8-12hrs depending on skin type

Step two- home maintenance kit to use for 6 months post treatment to maintain and improve results includes Cosmelan 2, melan recovery, melan 130 pigment control
Home essentials kit – hydracream fusion, hydratonic mist, Hydra-vital factor k, hydravital mask